• Fire Element 90 min - $140

    Hot Stone massage that incorporates heated basalt and river stones into the session. The stones are placed on the body and skillfully used by the therapist to massage the tissues, loosen muscles, and induce a feeling of relaxation and groundedness.

  • Water Element 75 min - $100

    Experience the delight of personalized herbs and oils, temporarily eliminating inches while permanently instilling skin renewal.

  • Earth Element 60 min - $100

    Sugar Polish exfoliates and nourishes so you take home radiant and glowing skin.

  • Feet Treat 30 min - $60

    Custom blend of herbs, oils and flowers for soaking tired feet. Rejuvenating scrub is followed by a paraffin dip.

  • Sassy Wraps 90 min - $120

    Lose inches with our essential oil wraps. Measurements are recorded before and after to track results on your problem areas.

  • Shirodara 60 min - $120

    Ayurvedic healing practice using warm oil to soothe the nerves and purify the mind. Includes facial reflexology massage.

  • Be Well Spa Journey 15 min - $30

    Experience this 15 minute delight for the senses. The Be Well Spa Journey incorporates essential oils, hot and cold stones, and a touch that only Balanced Body Spa can bring you. Add this treatment to a massage or enjoy it as a standalone service.

  • Dry Brush 15 min - $20

    All the exfoliation you want with no residue on your skin. A perfect add on service to a massage.